Animation Videos

Animation is a wonderful way to go beyond reality and bring static ideas to life. Our creative animation team working on top of the line equipments can come up with brilliant 2D and 3D animations complete with sound and FX.

We are just as competent at creating animation videos in 2D and 3D for education as we are at animation videos for product demos and for ad films. It gives a whole new twist to presenting information or grabbing attention. Our animation videos rival Hollywood animation movies. Just see for yourself.

Ad Films (TVC)

Optimum Mark Solutions excels in creation of ad films or TV commercials. With the short time available in commercial slots, we focus all our creative expertise and talent to making use of each second in a short TV ad film to put across the message effectively and for lasting impact.

We have our own studio facilities with broadcast quality equipments and an included animation and FX setup as well as script writers, directors and a stable of models. We can take on any TVC film for any type of product and make it stand head and shoulders above the rest. Inform, educate, entertain and sell, all in the space of a few seconds with our brilliant TVCs.

Corporate Videos

A corporate film may have several objectives such as providing information or demo of products or services. Corporate films can also be used as a promotional tool to engage with target audiences or as part of conferences and exhibitions for company presentations and branding.

Optimum Mark Solutions can undertake high budget high value world class corporate video production using the latest and best gear or, if it is low budget, we can create appropriate videos that are, nonetheless, quite effective such as for publication on social media channels. Our experience and expertise delivers corporate films and videos that enhance your brand.

Training Videos

Optimum Mark Solution training video production facility is backed by equipments, topic experts, script writers and multimedia experts to put together videos that are the perfect combination of graphics, animation, video and voice over.

We can even make it interactive and available on various media like CD or online or as streaming interactives for the best learning experience. Whatever the topic, we collaborate with your company officials to design a suitable program and develop videos that achieve objectives. We deliver value and contribute to a company’s productivity. We can just as well develop training videos for education and for NGOs.

Product Information Videos

Product information videos need not be boring presentations. We bring products to life and imbue it with attractive qualities that impress prospective buyers. With our sophisticated production facility and highly talented teams we make each second count and deliver maximum information with clarity.

We make use of video, animation and special effects along with graphics and text besides voice overs. Such product information videos are easily deployed in a variety of media such as CD or online with our conversion services.

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