SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

A website is not sufficient to generate traffic or be visible in searches. This is achieved by the implementation of fine honed SEO strategies. Optimum Mark Solutions SEO division takes care of all your SEO needs. We have SEO experts with professional expertise and experience in virtually all branches to deliver results that count: increased visibility and increasing flow of targeted traffic you can convert with ease.

Our SEO strategies include website optimization to align it with search engine algorithms, creation of back links and traffic by posting articles, online PR, leveraging the power of social media and use of researched key words in websites. We are experts in onsite SEO optimization as well as off site SEO and offer a broad mix of both in modular and affordable packages. Using organic methods, we ensure that traffic keeps increasing and so do conversions.

PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising

In one way PPC or pay per click is simple. One simply joins a suitable program offered by Google or other search engines. However, there is more to it. Optimum Mark Solutions leverages the power of analytics and research to use effective keywords in its finely crafted PPC campaigns.

Our writers use the right set of keywords blended with text that result in greater number of conversions. We research and position ads to make best use of money invested in PPC campaigns and target geographic locations and also factor in time for display of ads. The result is maximum ROIs.

SMO (Social Media Marketing)

Optimum Mark Solutions is your social media marketing and promotions expert. We have teams of specialists handling Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms, fully knowledgeable about the specifics of each social media platform and with the capability to leverage their power.

Our social media marketing and promotion covers a broad canvas of activities from creating profiles to creating groups of followers who in turn promote your company and product to others in their circle. We use social media as a platform of interaction to deliver a better user experience and enhance interactive customer relations as well as grab new ones. Our social media experts create branding strategies and populate social media with images, graphics and texts that lead to reputation building. Try us. The results far outweigh costs.

Email Marketing

Email still holds its own, especially in the corporate and commercial spheres. Optimum Mark Solutions email marketing campaigns can lead to measurable increase in revenues. We compile lists of email addresses, categorize them and then create contents in the form of newsletters that are sent out and kept track of. We analyze outcomes and fine tune email marketing strategies on an ongoing basis.

Our experts can carry out such campaigns on your behalf using our resources or train your staff. In our hands email becomes a powerful tool that keeps customers engaged, creates new ones and serves as a conduit for delivering the right information with a call to action. Try us.

SMS Marketing

SMS is one of the best tools to reach out to existing customers and also broadcast your message or offers to a huge market base. Optimum Mark Solutions SMS marketing experts create the right text message and then we use our compiled lists to send out such SMS to targeted groups in specific cities or locations at just the right time so that these messages elicit action.

We use latest bulk SMS tools that do not contravene any provisions of the law and generate results. Our services are available in modular packages and we can deploy it quickly on demand to take advantage of seasons and festivals.

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