Packaging Design

Packaging design is both art and science based on intensive research of similar products and their packaging in addition to factoring in costs as well as usability. Optimum Mark Solutions offers expert packaging design services in India.

Our team of talented graphic artists not only come up with innovative and eye-catching design of a visual imagery that appeals to the heart but our design also takes care of the form factor of the packaging that acts as additional attraction for a product. Packaging is like dressing up: We dress up products with class and style.

Brochure design

Despite the rise of electronic media, printed materials still retain their plus points. For companies it is essential to have a brochure because it is their brand ambassador.

Optimum Mark Solutions team of creative graphic artists use all their talent to come up with polished designs, striking layout and impressive printing in a telling combination that enhances the brand value whenever anyone peruses your brochure. This is allied with inclusion of perfect content crafted by our content writing specialists. Your company stands out.

Digital Banner Designing

The world of publicity has shifted from print to digital and digital signages are in vogue. Unlike static printed banners and hoarding, our digital banner incorporates all multimedia elements such as graphics, text, audio and video not to speak of animations to create a lasting impression on the minds of viewers.

We are just as comfortable designing digital banners for large screen displays as we are with designing digital banners for displays across the web. It is the perfect amalgam that gets your message across and results in increase in business.

Leaflet Design

Optimum Mark Solutions leaflet design service delivers results that are strikingly innovative and unique. Our leaflet design incorporates the company theme and the perfect blend of polished photographs with effectively succinct text.

Our talented graphics artists work in tandem with print professionals to manage a design for the maximum impact yet cost the least so that you can print and distribute in bulk. Whether it is a simple single page leaflet or a multi page leaflet, our design brings out the best in your product.

Corporate Identity

Optimum Mark Solutions is the go to expert when you wish to create a unique, standout corporate identity. We engage our team of social psychologists and market researchers to determine trends and competition and then craft a unique strategy involving use of logo design and color selection as well as messages all beautifully combined to leave lasting impression.

We create unassailable niches. It is a carefully conducted process to find out the best position and then craft a strategy that will build your identity to fit that slot and stay there—right at the top.

Campaign Design

Optimum Mark Solutions help you maximize outputs of any campaign. Our experts in corporate campaigns craft a fine tune strategy in collaboration with your staff members and with our marketing specialists.

Campaign design includes a well honed strategy that is ably supported by marketing collaterals and also the right choice of media while keeping in mind budgets and target objective. If you want maximum returns for your money and a lasting result, give us a try.

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